LIC Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, To 2030

Target Years for LIC Share Price: 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, and 2030. In this article, we’ll discuss the anticipated price of LIC shares. The share price of LIC, if we discuss it now, is ₹ 1040.80. What is the anticipated goal price in the near future? We will provide comprehensive details on the LIC share price goal in this post.

The Ministry of Finance has administrative authority for Life Insurance Corporation of India (LICI), a central PSU owned by the Indian government. A 96% ownership in LIC is held by the Indian government. With a market share of more than 65% and more than 65 years of experience, LIC is the biggest insurance provider in the nation. The organisation offers mutual fund services, health insurance, and investment management in addition to life insurance.

LIC Share Price Target: With a broad range of insurance products, LIC India has been a vital component of the Indian insurance sector for many years and has managed to hold a solid market position.The share price of LIC India has been under observation by investors, especially in view of the company’s recent financial results.

This article will provide you with useful information on the future of the LIC India share price and if it may be the ideal investment choice, regardless of your level of experience.

The business is a fantastic long-term investment choice with strong growth potential. The LIC Share Price Target for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030 will be covered in this article.

It will assist you in deciding on your future investment in the end. Let’s first take a closer look at this corporation, its background, and its entire organisational structure.


LIC Share Price Target

The LIC Company was founded in 1956. India’s state-owned insurance group and investment firm is called LIC Life Insurance Corporation of India. LIC has had a significant impact on the nation’s insurance industry. LIC lists its shares publicly via stock market offers similar to those made by Buddha firms. The Government of India owns all shares in LIC, hence there is no business.

LIC Share Price Target: ₹1077.45 in 2024, ₹1012, ₹942, ₹1064.50 in 2027, ₹1112.70 in 2028, ₹1232.00 in 2030.

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LIC Company Overview

The largest insurer in India is called Life Insurance Corporation of India, or LIC. It’s also the largest investor-owned business in the country. The management of LIC is entrusted to the Government of India.

Mumbai, India serves as the company’s headquarters. It was founded in 1956. At now, the firm employs more than 13 lakh people. The firm has combined with around 245 provident groups and organisations.

Despite being in the stock market since May 2022 and having been around for a while, the firm only sold 3.5 percent of its shares to the general public through an initial public offering (IPO).

Furthermore, the government owns the remaining portion of the stock. The company’s operations are doing extraordinarily well, and its stock market performance is excellent.

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LIC Share Price Target 2023

In the upcoming month, an upward trend in the price of LIC shares is anticipated. According to the projected share price range for November through December 2023, the price might go as low as ₹677.70 paise and as high as ₹815.10 paise. It is more plausible. As a result, the price of the company’s majority shares will rise.

LIC has a tremendous financial success and influence on the insurance sector despite having no share price or stock market history. The corporation oversees large assets, and millions of Indians’ financial plans have been impacted by its actions. LIC stock Over the past three days, there has been good progress.

LIC now has a market valuation of about 440,000 crores. This indicates that the company is categorised as large-cap.

The P/E ratio of LIC stock is now lower than that of the industry. In addition, the stock price of LIC is 42 times higher than its book value. After the book value, LIC shares are currently trading at a premium value.

The company’s June 2022 quarter was not marked by exceptional performance. For this reason, the pressure is having an impact on the share price. But in the September quarter, LIC outperformed expectations and increased its operational profit.

2023 LIC Share Price Target: ₹815.10 The 2023 LIC Share Price Target is ₹815.10 in order to continue growing.

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LIC Share Price Target 2024

Millions of Indians’ financial futures were safeguarded and prosperity was fostered in the early years thanks in large part to LIC. In addition, the LIC firm made money. It shifted from maximising profits to advancing social welfare and fostering national development. The firm kept expanding because of LIC’s funding. continued to rise

2024 will see the LIC share price hover around ₹1077.45 paise. The shares of the corporation will continue to increase in value. There will be a steady increase in the number of investors.

It has been said that LIC is the market leader and proprietor of the Indian life insurance business. It has a wide range of products and a solid distribution network. As of September 30, 2021, LIC has 5.396 million crore invested in it.

In addition to non-participating goods like unit-linked insurance, LIC offers participation products for insurance, including term, medical, pension, and annuity products, savings, and term insurance.

The firm offers a wide range of items in its portfolio. However, it is unlikely that any growth would be expected at this time due to the company’s exorbitant price.

In the upcoming years, it is expected to grow at a higher rate. In this instance, 2024 may be a fantastic year for the business and its shareholders when looking at LIC shares.

This year, the first goal is around Rs 824, while the secondary goal is Rs 860.

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LIC Share Price Target 2025

The price of LIC shares in 2025 will rise steadily during the next few years. The target share price for LIC is set at Rs ₹912 in 2025, with potential for further rise. In 2025, there will be a greater need for LIC. The price of LIC will rise as more investors become involved.

As India’s economy changed, LIC changed with it. It embraced new technologies, increased the range of products it offered, launched insurance plans tailored to individual needs, offered services to clients and customised plans to suit their needs—all of which helped the LIC Company grow.

LIC is a robust company with strong foundations. LIC is quite concerned about losing market-valued shares to other private companies.

In order to overcome this problem, LIC must actively market its products. LIC India can outperform any other company in the market because to its large capital.All it needs to do is go in the right way. Presently, the biggest threat to LIC comes from other prominent private firms.Reasonable expectations can be accomplished in 2025 if the LIC management team can maintain and grow the market share.

The original 2024 aim might rise to Rs 950, and the following target could reach Rs 1100, if we take into account the LIC Share Price aim for 2025.

LIC Share Price Target 2026

The Indian economy saw liberalisation in the 1990s as LIC’s monopoly was challenged. By implementing market-oriented methods, the corporation enhanced the LIC company’s dominant position in the market and demonstrated its competitiveness by making investments more diversified and orderly. Additionally, Share grew and continued to be a significant participant in the insurance industry; this is still the case today with LIC.

The largest individual agent networks of life insurance companies in India are owned by LIC Company India. With 1,559 satellite offices and 248 branch offices, the organisation operates in 91% of India’s districts.

The entire cost of the insurance sector is gradually declining as a result of branch growth and cost rationalisation combined with consolidation.

The total cost-to-cost ratio for private enterprises is still larger than the cost ratio of LIC, nevertheless, because of the high commissions and fees in comparison to the commercial sector.

As a result, even corporate workers are prohibited from leaving their jobs. The business considers even the tiniest detail.

The first aim for 2026 would probably be around 1200, and the second objective is the Rs 1350 target, if we take the LIC Share Price aim 2026 into consideration inside this scenario.

LIC Share Price Target 2030

LIC maintained its position as the mainstay of Indian finance and the market leader for insurance as we entered the twenty-first century. It was the biggest player in the insurance industry and was making a big impact on the growth of infrastructure and capital markets. Consequently, LIC The business continuously turned a profit, and its stock price increased.

As the whole insurance sector in India has demonstrated for many years, there is enormous room for expansion. Nevertheless, when compared to other industrialised countries with comparable high population densities, India’s insurance sector is trailing behind.

For this reason, it is anticipated that businesses in this sector will have a great opportunity to grow in the near future.

If experts’ predictions are to be believed, then they are correct; there is a great chance for the insurance market in India, which is expected to expand by 16–17% over the next five years.

People are buying more insurance plans as a result of rising individual earnings and increased public knowledge of insurance, which is causing the market share of insurance to increase rapidly.

The company that stands the biggest in the sector and is most trusted by the public is Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC); LIC stands to gain the most from this development.

If we go out further, to 2030, this corporation will likewise be generating significant profits by that time.

Regarding the LIC Share Price aim for 2030, there are two targets: Rs 2800 is the second aim and Rs 2200 is the first target.

Future of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) share

Looking at LIC’s operations from the perspective of the upcoming ten years and considering the expanding opportunities in the insurance sector, it is evident that the company is gradually turning its attention to digitalizing its operations, which will lead to an expansion of LIC’s operations.

It is anticipated that enterprises will be growing quickly in the foreseeable future. A new strategy that supports the insurance business also provides additional promotion for the Government of India.

As a result, and because of the expanding insurance industry, more individuals are starting to understand the advantages of using insurance to manage their risk. The market is going to grow in the near future as well.

FAQ: LIC Share Price Target

Do I want to buy LIC stock?
Currently, the insurance business is not as established. In the foreseeable future, many analysts predict that the industry will grow at a respectable rate.

Who is the owner of LIC?
LIC is owned by the Indian Government.

Is it wise to invest in LIC?
Both ROE and ROCE exceed 80. The business has no debt. LIC’s exceptional brand image is what sets it apart from other businesses.

What is the price per share of LIC going forward?
Because of the expected increase in the insurance market and how it would manifest itself in the LIC business, the company’s prospects are quite promising.

What is the expected future value of LIC Share?
Since LIC is a well-known brand in the insurance sector, it will be able to take advantage of growing chances in the near future as the company grows over the next several years. It is anticipated that LIC shares would yield strong returns for investors.

Is LIC share a long-term investment?
In the short term, LIC shares may have significant ups and downs, but in the long run, they may provide owners with dividend payments that are consistently high and reliable.


Discover all there is to know about LIC, its operations, and the LIC Share Price Target for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030 in this comprehensive guide to the LIC share price target. We have also discussed LIC’s development potential and future prospects in great depth.

With all the LIC share price information available here, maybe this knowledge will be helpful should you decide to explore investing in the future.

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