ITC Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

ITC Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030:

Greetings friends, welcome to our blog today. In this post, we’ll speak about the ITC corporation, which has generated a lot of conversation in recent years due to jokes and names. We’ll go over the share price goal for the last five years as well as potential future performance for this stock.

ITC is a well-known business. I’m sure you’re excited to learn about ITC’s share price target for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030. Today, we’ll tell you about the company’s performance going forward and how to expect returns. We will go into great detail about each of these topics and examine the company’s operations.

With a current market worth of 5,61,542 crore INR, ITC is ranked as the eighth most valuable corporation in India.

With our piece on the ITC share price target for 2023–2030, we hope to assist you in making an informed decision if you are considering investing in ITC but are unsure if it is the right move. Let’s have a look at some ITC information first.

India’s ITC Limited is a conglomerate of several companies. It operates 13 businesses in total in about 5 categories. As of 1st Dec, 2023, its share value is Rs 449.

ITC is divided into a number of categories, such as hotels and combined businesses. At the moment, ITC exports to 90 nations.

It is well known that ITC is the second most well-liked FMCG brand.

About ITC Company

In terms of the business, it was founded on August 26, 1970. India Tobacco Limited was the new name after it was originally founded as Ampere Time People Company of India Limited, or ITC.

The company’s manager and CEO, Mr. Sanjeev Puri, Chairman & Manager, is Mr. Sanjeev Chandan, and the main office is located in Kolkata, West Bengal.

ITC Share Price Target 2023:

This large-cap business operates across multiple industries and is growing its user base to over four lakh crore. In the past, the company has provided returns of more than 40%.

Due to the company’s extensive business math reforms, growth prospects will be investigated by the manager, MAMR, and additional funding will be provided to support import-export ITC stock, which will rise even after the stock market declines in 2022.

Considering how the business is handling users and operating in its industry, ITC Share Price Target The company can provide extremely strong returns by 2023; with this, its first target can be seen up to ₹ 460, and its second target can be seen up to ₹ 485 when the target is completed.

ITC Share Price Target 2024:

Cigarettes are ITC Company’s primary business. The tobacco industry has recovered quite well after Covid. The company is importing and exporting its products, which is why its business is expanding rapidly and will likely yield extremely strong returns in the future. For FY22, 78% of ITC originates from India.

The ITC corporation has added 16 brands to its portfolio through inorganic purchases. Based on the performance of these acquisitions thus far, it appears that these will provide excellent profits in the near future.

ITC Share Price Target can experience very strong returns till 2024 based on the way the company is conducting its import-export operations and expanding; with this, its first target can be seen up to ₹ 520, or after the objective is completed, its second target can be seen up to ₹ 545.

ITC’s share price is predicted to follow an erratic path in 2024. A possible rising trend is indicated by the monthly price estimates, with the highest and minimum prices for January and December being ₹428.36 and ₹563.34, respectively. Investors can see a ₹523.33 peak in August and a ₹497.98 bottom in April.

According to these forecasts, the market is expected to react dynamically to a range of factors, including corporate performance, industry developments, and economic conditions. Investors should keep a careful eye on these monthly variations in order to make well-informed judgements and anticipate both growth prospects and threats for the upcoming year.

ITC Share Price Target 2025:

It is a well-established, high-quality business with a well-known brand, a margin of more than 34%, excellent management, and the potential to generate excellent long-term returns.

More than 80% of domestic products are produced by ITC, which also produces the industry leader Secret and several other well-known brands, like India’s traditional Gold Flake.

ITC Share Price Target 2025 Sir can expect very high returns in the long run given the way the firm is building its brand and managing it well. With this, its first target can be seen up to ₹ 575, and when this aim is completed, its second target can be seen up to ₹ 595.

ITC’s share price for 2025 depicts dynamic changes and prospective growth in the complex stock market tapestry. The predicted range for January 1st, from ₹442.01 to ₹574.61, illustrates the volatility that investors may encounter.

As the year goes on, there are highs and lows; in February, it was as high as ₹589.34, and in May, it was as low as ₹582.84. The trip continues to undulate, with a predicted peak of ₹686.79 in December marking the culmination.

According to these forecasts, the market is reacting to a variety of factors, including business performance, market trends, and overall economic conditions.

Investors navigating this environment need to be alert and aware of the various forces influencing ITC’s future. The upward trend that continued into December and reached a peak shows hope, but it also emphasises how important it will be for investors to remain educated and flexible in the face of a changing market in 2025.

ITC Share Price Target 2026

Our study and forecasting system indicate that the minimum target share price ranges from RS 655.50 to RS 710.80. In addition, by 2026, the highest target price for ITC shares might be between Rs 755.20 and Rs 805.70.

If the board of ITC is aware of the risk posed by ITC Limited, as per its report, then value unlocking in ITC shares will be evident if the firm merges.

In addition, its first objective can be seen at ₹ 630, and after achieving this target, its second Itc share price  target can be seen up to ₹ 675. Based on the way the firm is working on its product and branding, it can be said that ITC Share Price objective 2026 can be seen very excellent days.

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ITC Share Price Target 2030

If we take a long look at the way the company has provided returns in the past, we will see that its face is prepared to receive returns because its primary business is the manufacturing and distribution of cigarettes, which leads to its continuous growth and profitability.

It is clear from observing how the business is shipping its goods that ITC Share Price Target 2030, Long-term trading for this share price is expected to continue till ₹1020.

Our forecast system indicates that the target price range for ITC shares in 2030 is Rs 1255.50 to Rs 1310.30 at the lowest point and Rs 1455.50 to Rs 1585.30 at the maximum point.

Year Share Price Target
2024 ₹569.18
2025 ₹673.78
2026 ₹777.90
2027 ₹880.79
2028 ₹984.31
2029 ₹1,095.25
2030 ₹1,199.19
2031 ₹1,303.13
2032 ₹1,407.36
2035 ₹1,719.18


ITC’s financial data from March 2019 to March 2023 shows a steady upward trend in the business’s performance. The net sales turnover climbed significantly over this time, rising from Rs 44,995.65 crore in March 2019 to Rs 66,043.27 crore in March 2023. Additionally, total revenue increased steadily, from Rs 47,480.19 crore in March 2019 to Rs 68,480.88 crore in March 2023. Strong operational efficiency was indicated by the healthy growth rates of operating profit and EBITDA, which followed suit.

The company’s consistent financial performance demonstrates its ability to effectively manage expenses and generate substantial income. Additionally, ITC’s reported profit after tax (PAT) showed a positive trajectory over this period, reaching Rs 18,753.31 crore in March 2023, a significant increase from Rs 12,464.32 crore in March 2019. This upward trend in revenue and profitability underscores ITC’s resilience and competitiveness in its industry. However, it’s important to note that these numbers are subject to various economic and market factors, and potential investors should consider a holistic analysis before making investment decisions.


In 2023, the following factors will primarily contribute to an increase in the ITC share price:

robust financial performance: ITC has had a robust financial performance in the last few quarters, as both profit and revenue have increased steadily. Even though the company’s revenue decreased by 7.1% to Rs 17,164 crore in the June quarter of 2023, its profit increased by 16% to Rs 5,190 crore.

High dividend payments: ITC is renowned for paying out large dividends. The corporation declared a total dividend of Rs 15.50 per share for the fiscal year 2022–2023, or a dividend yield of 4.59%.

favorable policy environment: ITC has been able to expand its operations thanks to the government’s support of the FMCG industry. The government has also taken action to lower the cigarette tax burden, which has increased ITC’s profitability.

ITC Hotel Demerger: The news of the ITC-ITC Hotel demerger may also have contributed to the recent spike in the price of ITC shares, since analysts had anticipated higher ITC share prices.


Buying ITC is advised by Axis Securities, with a target price of Rs 540. December 1st, 2023

FAQS About ITC Share Price Target 


It is anticipated that the share price of ITC will peak at ₹686.79 in December 2025 and fall to ₹442.01 in January 2025.


Given that the share prices of ITC have corrected by over 10% since hitting 500 INR and are now exhibiting a consolidation, now might be a good time to invest in the company.

Does ITC have an overvalue or undervalue?

By market cap, ITC is currently the seventh most valuable corporation in India. ITC is undervalued at the current price because, as technical analysis reveals, it is projected to climb.


ITC’s Share Price target for 2030 is ₹1,249.96.


By 2028, the price of an ITC share could reach Rs. 1000. ITC aims to reach a maximum share price of ₹1,110.54 by 2028.


For the fiscal year 2022–2023, ITC has announced a special dividend of Rs 2.75 per equity share and a final dividend of Rs 6.75 per equity share. These distributions bring the total dividend payout for FY 2022–2023 to Rs 15.50 per share, including the interim dividend of Rs 6 per share that was previously announced.


Predicting the performance of ITC’s stock in 2023 is difficult. However, it seems that the stock price will continue to climb as long as the company makes profits and dividend payments, expands its business, and invests in new initiatives. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the pandemic will cause the Indian economy to rebound in 2021 and 2022, which might raise demand for ITC’s products and raise the company’s stock price. ITC is predicted to surpass Rs. 500 by the end of 2023.


The market capitalization as of December 1, 2023, is ₹5,57,542 crores.


It’s difficult to predict what ITC will look like in 2025. However, it appears that ITC should continue to be a strong and successful business in 2025 given the company’s strong financial performance and upbeat outlook. The company has been investing in new initiatives and expanding its operations, which should eventually result in higher profits and higher share values. In addition, it is anticipated that the pandemic will cause the Indian economy to rebound in 2021 and 2022, which might raise demand for ITC’s products and raise the company’s stock price.


Friends, if you look at ITC’s business, you can invest in it for a long time and get big returns; we have given you all the information you need to know.

I hope you have gained an understanding of the ITC Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030, as well as how it will perform going forward and how returns can be realised.

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